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I would be honored with both your vote and contribution to my campaign for re-election to the Indiana State Senate. As you know, over the years I have been your advocate in the capitol, and there is unfinished business to be addressed.

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About State Senator Richard Young, Jr.

A new Hoosier cash crop – industrial hemp - Competing in the global economy takes ingenuity. Senator Young recognized the potential of industrial hemp production as a new economic engine for southern Indiana. Not just for farmers, industrial hemp can be used to produce building materials, fuel, paper, textiles and could unlock new manufacturing opportunities and jobs in our state.

Fighting for Hoosier veterans - Senator Young has spent his career advocating for Hoosier servicemen and women, leading the way on key veterans’ issues. His work led directly to the creation of the Hoosier Women Veterans Program – an initiative to connect women veterans and active service members to state and federal resources and help streamline the transition back to civilian life. Young has also worked to help Hoosier veterans take the next step in their career once their service to our country ends. Combat to College – a program created by Senator Young – puts the tools Hoosier veterans returning to college need to succeed all under one roof.

Strengthening southern Indiana schools - Shortsighted lawmakers in Indianapolis looking to direct state dollars to out-of-state, for-profit corporations running schools exponentially expanded the state’s voucher program, projected to cost school corporations nearly $200 million dollars by next year. Senator Young is a strong believer in the promise of a good education and will fight the expansion of vouchers and the routing of our tax dollars to schools in Gary and Indianapolis. He’ll work to keep class sizes small and make sure students are reaching their potential, not being taught to a test.

Putting more money in the pockets of working families - While the economy might be getting better on Wall Street, too many families on Main Street are being left behind. Today, Hoosier families working full time and earning the minimum wage don’t make enough to make ends meet. By rewarding work and ensuring folks like emergency medical technicians and nursing assistants earn a living wage, we can boost the local economy and save taxpayer money by reducing spending on government benefits.

Shrinking government and lowering taxes - Government is at its best when it delivers the services Hoosiers need and spends not a penny more. Senator Young has taken on excessive spending, fighting to lower taxes for Hoosiers and businesses alike. He advocated for cutting by 5% the income tax paid by Hoosiers in 2013 and stepped up to cut tax rates for Indiana businesses.

Road funding - Strengthening the network of local roads and bridges that connect Southern Indiana is one of Senator Young’s top priorities. He knows businesses can’t succeed if they’re endlessly fighting traffic. Every minute wasted rerouting around deficient bridges counts against the bottom line. Senator Young has taken on the federal government, advocating for greater flexibility in local transportation projects and fought to see resources directed to local road projects here in Southern Indiana first before adding lanes around Indianapolis.

A leader for Indiana agriculture - Senator Young continues to stand up for Indiana agriculture. Young recognized that rural communities needed a stronger voice in the General Assembly so he founded the Rural Caucus – a bipartisan group of legislators and advocates working together on the issues that affect small towns and farm communities. When farmland property taxes spiked, Senator Young took the lead on slowing the upsurge and protecting Hoosier farmers. The initiative he spearheaded slowed the sudden spike in taxes while researchers at Purdue University took time to study the issue and make updated land surveying recommendations to the General Assembly.

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No communication related to matters of the Indiana State Senate will be accepted.

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